Hebrews 12:14...Persue Peace With All Men and Hollines without which non shall see God.

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All Our Churches Are Independent But Work Together In Supporting the Gospel Activities

Kaleerwe Saints Church

Elder Abdulnoor Ddamlira who was a former Moslem and Seventhday Adventist in the late 1992. Got a revelation when he was still in Seventhday faith as he read his Bible and found out that people should be in a holy faith / religion and that was in 1998. He found out that even the Seventhday adventist religion were he thought he had got Salvation was not the right religion of God's people, He started arguing and questioning them regarding what was reveled to him but they never came to abide with him.

Elder Ddamulira separated from them and remained at home without gathering with the adventists for almost six months, he bought a book called THE CHURCH IN HISTORY a volume which was current by then and found out more about all religions whereby all of them were started by people and not anywhere in the Holy Bible only the saints church. He continued reading the Holy Bible on his own and gained more knowledge regarding the Holy faith and also found that all these religions belong to the devil.

In 1999 Elder Ddamulira got five people from the Seventh day Adventist who claimed to be on the same track like him. Their names are; Nsubuga Daniel, Okello Valetine, Ddamulira Christopher This one had the same name as that of Elder Abdulnoor, Israel Mukiibi and Luswata Drake Moses. Elder Ddamulira Abdulnoor started ministering with them for sometime and also a group of white foreigners also joined them, by then Elder Ddamulira had started receiving the Gospel of Righteousness by Faith with dreams. In the same year he traveled to Dubai for business since he was a Trader and visited his friend called Dr. Jamal Weisaf, Dr. Jamal had a guest, She was an American woman in the Holy faith/religion. They started sharing more about Faith and Baptism where this American woman showed them through the Holy Scriptures that Baptism by Immersion in water ended along time ago with John the Baptist.

On finding out this Elder Ddamulira accepted the Gospel and the Woman Baptized him and raid her hands on him to receive the Holy Spirit as the bible says in Acts 19:1-6. She also bought him a Bible called CHAIN REFFERENCE BIBLE THAMPSON (NIV) which costed 500bellams. This Bible helped him a lot getting Bible studies and more. When he came back from Dubai he told the people he was ministering with and some of them were Elder Ssekayiba Joseph and Ssemutereke Deograsias about what he had got and all the message he had recieved from the woman in Dubai. Deograsias disagreed with this revelation and hence Elder Ddamulira started with Elder Ssekayiba, He baptized Elder Ssekayiba Joseph the same way he was baptized by the Holy spirit by the American Woman.

Elder Ddamulira and Elder Ssekayiba started preaching to the five advents pastors and the group of the whites and also disagreed with the Gospel as they wanted to receive money through the Gospel yet the Scriptures teach otherwise. In that battle of Scriptures, the five advents Pastors departed back to different religions.

In 2000 Elder Abdulnoor Ddamulira and Elder Ssekayiba Joseph started in general and also Baptized their Wives since they had accepted the Gospel, The title of our ministry FREEDOM CHAPEL REFORMATION MINISTRIES was already chosen in 1999 with the other Pastors and we decided to remain with it since we were also aiming at reforming the Holy Church of Christ which was the only religion manifested in the Holy Bible. We rejected all the funds from the whites and all from the five Pastors because we were not on the same track. We used our hands and efforts to do all the work of the gospel as the Scriptures say in
1Corithians 9:15-18. 15. But i have used none of these things nor have i written these things that it should be done so to me for it would be better for me to die than that anyone should make my boasting void 16. For if I preach the gospel I have nothing to boast of for necessity is laid upon me yes woe is me if I do not preach the gospel 17. For I do this willingly I have a reward but if against my will I have been entrusted with a stewardship 18. What is my reward then That when I preach the gospel I may Present the gospel of Christ without charge that I may not abuse mu authority in the gospel. and in Acts 20:32-35. So now brethren I commend you to God and to the word of His grace which is able to build you up and give you an inheritance among all those who are sanctified
33. I have coveted no one's Silver or Gold or apparel. 34. Yes you yourselves know that these hands have provided for my necessities and for those who were with me 35. I have shown you in every way by laboring like this that you must support the weak And remember the words of the Lord Jesus that He said. It is more blessed to give than to receive.

People continued to join us and We also wrote letters to all Religious Leaders/Denominations in Uganda hoping to Welcome the gospel but they rejected it and this affirmed us that all religions belong to the devil because some replied that we are on the right track but it impossible to join us and they also insisted that they knew this faith existed in the ancient days but it disappeared. We bought Equipments, Organized Gospel Crusades all on our own.

Kaleerwe Saints Church started in 2000 as we started gathering with a few who had believed unto the gospel of righteousness by faith, many joined us through gospel crusades. According to where we are now we see that the gospel is winning and many are joining the Church of Christ. Below are the churches we have established so far though some also failed to stand in some places.

Mutufu Saints Church

Br Gidudu John left Kaleerwe Saints Church to solve his family issues in Mbale a district in eastern part of Uganda. He was a Herbalist so he moved in Soronko selling his medicine, One day he went to a town in Soronko called Mutufu were he met Mr. Webereta of Akanyiriri faith and Webereta took Br Gidudu to their church in Mutufu after listening to the word of truth which was differing to their faith. Br Gidudu preached until he requested help from Kaleerwe Saints Church, they sent to him two brothers to help him out. When the battle increased Elder Ddamulira and Elder Kassaga of Kaleerwe Church went there for a seminar which was organized by them. The topics were about 666, Two Convenants and Baptism. Many found the gospel different and challenging hence failing to compete with it. At night Br Polotus Gidegi came to the Lounges where the saints had spent the night at 2am seeking to be baptised but found no chance till morning. They preached again in the market area and got more converts. They started gathering as a church in 2012 and Br Gidudu was left there to teach them more upto date, the congregation has tremendously increased and the gospel continued to spread to all the neighboring towns and districts i.e. Budadiri, Nkoma (a church was started), Sironko and the Elgon zone at large. .
Address: Mutufu, Soronko District.
Tel: +256752559355

Mutungo Saints Church

Br Israel Tibezinda met Elder Abdulnoor Ddamulira in the line of business (Trading) and they became good friends. Br Ddamulira started preaching to Br. Israel the gospel of righteousness and got saved. Br Israel asked Br Ddamulira to pay them a visit at his former church called Holiness Worship Center(H.W.C) in Mutungo a pentecostal church. Br Ddamulira and Elder Kassaga Vicent paid there a visit and on their preaching many where shocked and some got baptized into the name of Jesus Christ by them, Pastor Mumanyi James of H.W.C got angry and chased all those who believed unto the word with the guests who had come to preach. Elder Ddamulira and Br Katalaga Steven decided to come every saturday at Br Israel's home to teach and preach, in doing that four people got saved and joined Br Israel in Mutungo. The church started in Br Israel's home and Br Katalaga Steven was sent there by the ministry as a missionary to teach them more. Mutungo church started in September 2011.
Address: Mutungo Biina, Wakiso District Zone 4.
Tel: +256772342587 / +256706393291

Nakaseeta Saints Church

Br Galiwango Joshua who was from Kaleerwe Saints Church was born in Nakaseeta, He came to Kaleerwe Saints Church and asked some fellow Saints to escort him to his village and preach to his father, unfortunately his father didn't accept the gospel. Galiwango, Elder Kassaga and Wampamba Joseph who had came with him went to the neighboring friends and preached to them. They accepted the gospel and got baptized right away. Those were Br Nguubi Christopher and Kyaterekera Cyrus, They organized and took the brothers to their former church called Kasambya Grace pentecostal Church were more than 20 people converted and believed unto the gospel of righteousness by faith. The converts stayed in that church until they separated completely and started gathering at the Late Takalirya's house in Kasambya. Br Kaziro Robert from Kaleerwe Saints Church remained their as their leader to teach them more. In March 2010 they also organized a gospel crusade with the help of Kaleerwe Saints Church and 20 people got saved. The church started gathering in May 2010
Address:Nakaseeta Kasambya, Luweero District
Tel: +256779651851 / +256783826875

Nakifuma Saints Church

Sis Nakafero Slivia from Kaleerwe Saints Church, shifted her residence to Nakifuma in 2009. She preached the gospel in that area with the help of other saints and got some converts with whom she started gathering with at a place they rented at Child Care Nursery School in Nakifuma. They organized and asked for help from Kaleerwe Saints Church and other Saints Churches for a gospel crusade in Nakifuma. In April 2013 the gospel crusade was organized in Nakifuma near A Mosque were many muslims fought against the gospel up to the extent of burning our pulpit and the owner told us to leave his place. We managed to get another place not far from the previous one and the crusade continued with all the people amazed because the timber made pulpit was put on fire but never burnt like the burning bush in Exodus 3:2. Many converted from different religions mostly the moslems and their total was 18. The church continued with more Saints and Br.Kalyowa Kisule Steven remained there to teach them more.
Address: Mukono District, Nakifuma
Tel: +256772469621

Namiryango Saints Church

Br Kavuma Silver and Mutebi Erias preached to the wife Mutebi Grace a pentecostal minister in Kasunga Worship Center Namiryango. Grace Mutebi after receiving the gospel didn't confess Christ right away but as she came to kampala she asked the husband Mutebi Erias to take her with him to Sunday gathering at Kaleerwe saints Church where she also confessed finally. She asked Elder Abdulnoor Ddamulira of Kaleerwe Church to come as a visitor to Kasunga Worship Center since she was the Choir leader she had that opportunity of bringing a preacher. That resulted into the division of the church after Elder Ddamulira's teaching of the Two covenants and Pastor Kato Abdul chased them from his church plus all those who where saved. Sis Grace got brethren to start with a church in Masaka Namiryango at that day which was in 2016 and also received two Crusades in December 2016 and 2017 by the help of the ministry where also many souls were saved and made the church firm in Namiryango. Elder Kassaga Vicent of Kaleerwe Saints Church went there as a missionary to teach them until maturity.
Address: Lukaya (Namiryango via Black-tea field), Masaka District.
Tel: +256758898803 / +256702370128

Matugga Saints Church

Matugga Church was started in 2012 by the Late Sserugo Sepriano who was a peddler and was from Kaleerwe Saints Church. He came to Matugga doing his work where he found a Pentecostal minister called Nalwoga Annet who was a shop attendant and preached to her the good news of salvation by faith for several days. After Nalwoga taking long without seeing Sserugo she went to Kaleerwe Church looking for him and got baptized from there into Christ. Sis Nalwoga after sometime preached to a few people in Matugga till she got some to start with a church there by the help of the ministry. A Missionary called Katalaga Steven was sent there to teach them until maturity.
Address: Matugga (Mabanda), Wakiso District.
Tel: +256706145042

Lusanja Saints Church

Lusanja Saints Church Started in February 2019 due to the long distance between Kaleerwe Church and Lusanja yet many saints where coming from there so they decided to gather some where not far from their homes. Br Simwogerere Moses offered his equipments and they rented a place to start gathering there..
Address: Mpererwe Lusanja, Kampala District
Tel: +256701184935 / +256756197949

Jinja Saints Church

Jinja Saints Church started in April 2019 as a result of gospel on a radio program at Victoria fm in Jinja which was conducted by Br Agaba Bruce who later joined with Sis Nazziwa Joy of Mutungo church. The program was at 3am but many people listened to it, Sis Joy and Br Agaba got a place at Forever Resort at the Nile and after announcing it on the program people started coming and gave their lives to Christ. Sis Joy continued with the radio program and teaching the converts there every Sunday. Later Elder Kassaga Vicent Started going their to teach them and take on the services and bible studies.
Address: Forever Resort, Jinja.
Tel: +256701474834 / +256751119955

Ssenge Saints Church

Ssenge Saints church was started in November 2016 by Br.Kasule Ivan who was a Student at Sam Iga Memorial College located in Maganjo Wakiso District. Br Edward was also a student there and was a Saint already from Kaleerwe Saints Church. He preached to Ivan Kasule who was Originally a Pentecostal Junior Prophet.
Kasule Ivan Received Christ and shifted to a village called Ssenge in Wakiso District where he found four pentecostal youths in Ssenge Miracle Healing Center of Makubuya Wilson. He gave them the good news and Where Baptized into Christ hence starting together to preach in the region Ssenge were fortunately they received more Fruits. A missionary was Sent from Kaleerwe Saints Church called Deacon Emmanuel Mayanja to teach them more as the bible says in Mathew 28:19.
Address: Wakiso District, Naluvule Parish,Ssenge.
+256752159498 / +256701283244

Masindi Saints Church

Masindi Saints Church started in 2017 by Br Masuba Fred. Masuba Fred came to Masindi for work and started preaching the good news of the gospel to whoever he came across, in the process three joined him after believing unto the gospel and got baptized. They started gathering at one of the converts home called Br Paul as they continued preaching in the area called Kijjula. Br Masuba Fred went to a radio station and paid a program their which increased on the spreading of the word in Masindi and all neighboring villages. People continued to offer their lives to Christ during that program. They organized a gospel crusade in 2018 with the help of the Ministry which also increased the strength of the saints there and received 68 converts through that gospel crusade. They shifted to a school called Masindi Secondary School (MASESCO) since their number had increased. Br Masuba Fred remained as their leader to teach them more.
Address: Kijjula (Masindi Secondary School), Masindi District
Tel: +256783916815 / +256774547772

Ndejje Saints Church

Ndejje Saints Church started in 2015 and abandoned in 2018 Ssemwanga Lawrence who was a Branham Disciple and a resident in Ndejje listened to our radio program which was on maama fm in 2012 with a title "Are You Born Again". He found the Gospel different and accepted it, Unfortunately Ssemwanga didn't get baptized. Due to the large number of Saints every one thought he was baptized after accepting the gospel, We moved with him and also organized a gospel crusade in Ndejje where 45 people converted to the Holy faith. In 2018 the seeds of unrighteousness started appearing in Ssemwanga and he changed the teaching after studying in our bible study for 3years and finally confessed that he was not baptized and he didn't want to be baptized because he disagreed with the laying of hands as part of baptism hence differing from what we believe and what the bible teaches. Ndejje Saints Church was abandoned and all those who were with one faith as we're were instructed to separate from the wicked. Ndejje Church is no longer under our ministry and we don't get along with them. As Paul says in Galatians 2:4.And this occurred because of false brethren secretly brought in who came in by stealth to spy out our liberty which we have in Christ Jesus that they might bring us into bondage 5. to whom we did not yeild submission even for an hour that the truth of the gospel might continue with you
Address: Ndejje , Wakiso District


Kampala Uganda
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