Ephesians 2:8...For by grace you have been saved through faith and that not of yourselves it is the gift of God.

Current Events

Masindi Gospel Crusade

Masindi Saints Requested a Crusade from the Committee after Sensitizing the community in the past Gosple Crusade which was also organised in December 2018 where 66 souls were resurrected. People in Masindi Kijjula where still thirst and yarning for the gospel so later Saints in Kijjula Organised with the help of the board of the ministry and all other Churches under the ministry to put up this crusade.... For updates visit

Recent Events

16th Annivarsary

Our 16th annivarsary was very colorful and full of God's glory. All churches under FCRMI where available Cerebrating 16 years of the Gosple of Righteousness by Faith being preached in Uganda and to all different parts of the World... For more info visit

Kaleerwe Gospel Crusade

Our Gospel Crusade was very fruitful and full of God's glory. All churches under FCRMI came together and supported it with their items and funds. The harvest was too much since Kaleerwe is a juction with many people, Many from different denominations joined the Church as they believed the gospel of our salvation and got baptised into the name of Our Lord Jesus Christ... For more info visit

Up-Coming Events

Ssenge Gospel Crusade

We wish to Organise a gospel crusade in Ssenge Wakiso District in Apirl 2020, Ssenge is a Stiff Area where people once chased the gospel missionaries who tried to preach there in August 2018. So the church in Ssenge requested for support to organise this crusade, We hope to get fruits there in Jesus' name.. For more info visit

Matugga Gospel Crusade

Matugga Saints Church also Requested for help in Organising a gospel crusade in their area Matugga to strengthen the church their, We hope to Organise this crusade in Apirl 2020 and we also hope to get more saints in matugga to join the church their... For more info visit


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